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Ecomulti Compact 4

ECOMULTI COMPACT is a proportioner that can dilute up to four chemicals from one dispenser. Connected to a water mains, the compact design makes these one-stop cleaning stations the ideal solution for even the smallest cleaning environments. It is available in low-flow (4L/min) and high-flow (14L/min) versions enabling selection of up to 13 specific dilution ratios.

Product Information

Water pressure 2 - 5 BAR
Available in 4 l/min
14 l/min
Dilutions 2:1 - 128:1 Low-flow
6:1 - 350:1 High-flow
Temperature 5 - 65 °C

ECOMULTI has been designed with Brightwell Dispensers' patented dilution pin which eliminates the need for metering tips. It is available with BrightGap and Airgap backflow preventers.


  • 2 versions: Low-flow (4L/min) and High-flow (14L/min)
  • Flexible configuration enabling chemical concentrates to be conveniently delivered from side or bottom inlets
  • Patented dilution technology offering precise dilution ratios
  • Intuitive 4 dial product selector with haptic click to avoid chemical selection error
  • Colour-coded pictograms to aid identification of correct cleaning chemical and use
  • Ease of Installation: Drilling templates, built-in spirit level, multitude of mounting holes
  • Safe and secure chemical cabinet available for 1.5L pouch &  2L bottle
  • Chemical exclusivity option for pouch system
  • Unit and cabinet rings available in various colours
  • Branding available

Explore the product in more detail and view it in operation:


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