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Low level chemical alarm

System capable of monitoring up to 10 chemicals.

Product Information

Power Supply 100 V - 240V AC / 24V DC
Inputs 10x for float switches
Signalization Sound / Light

The new 10 channel alarm is the perfect addition to the BrightLogic dosing range. You can use this system as a stand alone chemical low level alarm, or attach it neatly to any BrightLogic dosing system.

Used in combination with the new depletion wand (opposite page), when a chemical container is empty, an LED light will illuminate on the alarm box indicating which chemical is low.

In addition to the LED, an alarm buzzer will sound. A handy snooze button allows you to silence the alarm for up to 60 minutes, leaving the LED lit until the chemical is replenished.

An external alarm module with a 90db level from 30cm can be connected to the alarm module for use in extremely noisy environments. Internal buzzers and lamps can be fitted to the BrightLogic dosing units for OPL sites.

This alarm is designed to work with the new chemical suction wands. Click below to find out more.


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