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Chemical Suction Wands

Float sensor available for 20L or 25L drums and 60L or 200L drums.

Product Information

The new low level wand allows you to feed up to three machines from one container. Available for 20L or 25L drums and 60L or 200L drums, they are designed to work exclusively with the BrightLogic dosing systems.

An adjustable cap slides up and down the wand, allowing you to set the perfect height for your chemical container. The numbers on the cap allow you to organise you chemicals so you can find the correct container quickly.

A new float switch assembly calculates precise measurement of your chemical levels, sounding an alarm once they are low.

A clever foot valve system ensures the remaining chemical is kept in the suction tube, minimising the risk of chemical spillage when changing the drum and keeps the head of the product.

Suction wand´s body (outer case) is made from polypropylene. Suction wands contain two or three reinforced hoses.

Suction wands are available in the following lengths:

  • 375 mm (diameter 40,5mm) - for 20 l canister (2 suction hoses)
  • 450 mm (diameter 45mm) - for 25 l canister (3 suction hoses)
  • 750 mm (diameter 45mm) - for 60 l drum (3 suction hoses)
  • 1100 mm (diameter 45mm) - for 200 l drum (3 suction hoses)


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