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BrightLogic Tubing and Connectors for laundry systems

Professional systems require a professional installation and Brightwell want to make it efficient for you and your customers.

Product Information

Brightwell supply a range of connectors, quick couplings and tubing offering you flexibility for your installation. 
Follow our simple guide for choosing the right tube for your installation:

1) Choose the correct type of tube material. 

BrightChem, the new super-resistant, co-extruded tubing. 
Silicone and EPDM 
(Not sure which tube you require? Contact us to arrange a free chemical compatibility test)

2) Choose the correct size.

Brightwell supply 2 standard tube sizes:

  • 6mm ID (8mm connectors) = OPL
  • 10mm ID (10mm connectors) = Industrial laundry

3) Choose the correct connection.

Tube connectors are pre-fitted to the tube, so make sure you order the correct type. 
There are two main types of connector, barbed and straight couplings (quick connector). These are available in 8mm, or 10mm sizes. 
If you choose barb fittings there is no quick connector accessories. Please make a note of your requirements and contact us for a part number.

4) Quick connector accessories. 

If you choose the quick coupling set up you will need the right connectors to complete your installation.

  • Quick connectors 1/4" for 6mm tube
  • Quick connectors 3/8" for 10mm tube
  • Quick connectors 1/4" - 3/8"
  • Tube connector 6mm
  • Tube connector 10mm

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