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Solutions for the delivery of chemicals into grease traps, drains, septic tanks etc. One pump.

Product Information

Power Supply Bodd 6V DC / Modd 230V AC
Flowrate 5mm Silicone tube
Motor 6V DC, 400mA with gearbox 80 rpm
Dosing 1 product
Settings controlled by a real-time clock, eight programmable timing entries with the option of dosing weekly, weekday's, weekend's, or any daily combination

The modd (mains operated drain doser) and bodd (battery operated drain doser) are automatic dosing systems that provide the timed delivery of a single product.

They are controlled by a-real time clock and offer up to eight programmable timing entries. Programming is achieved using an external keypad with security access protection and is viewed on an alphanumeric display.

The bodd incorporates a compensation facility that will increase the pump run time in relation to the reduction in battery power in order to maintain a consistent dose. A battery life indicator is also available on the display.

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