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MicroPlus II

Automatic dosing of a single chemical for a variety of applications.

Product Information

Power Supply 230V AC / 24 AC/DC
Flowrate 5mm tube (Detergent)
35 - 100ml/min
3mm tube (Rinse)
12 - 40ml/min
Motor 18V DC, 200mA with gearbox 80 rpm
Dosing 1 product
Settings Time / Speed

The Microplus II offers the automatic dosing of a single chemical for a variety of applications, with one of the most popular uses being the delivery of detergent or rinse aid into small glasswashers and dishwashers.

The unit is neat, compact and very simple to install. It is available with one or two inputs, for single and dual signal source applications, and in two configurations; Speed or Timed.

Timed Unit - Time controlled top up charge and initial charge
Speed Unit - Speed controlled continuous or cyclic operation

New - now available with a conductivity probe for increased flexibility

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