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BrightLogic Membrane Pump Modules

The new BrightLogic membrane pump has been designed to deliver excellent flowrate consistency, even with highly viscous products.

Product Information

Power Supply 100 V - 240V AC
Max flow rate 1.5 L/min (voda)
1.25 L/min (viskózní produkt)
Motor Brushless - 24V DC, 600mA
Materials Valve:
Extreme Viton
Connection Hadice 10mm
3/8 BSP vnitřní závit, rychlospojka
Settings Time / Speed
IP rating IP45
  • Excellent suction characteristics, even with viscous products – up to 1.5L/min flow rate (water).  Our laboratory tests demonstrate our pumps’ constant flow rate of up to 1.25L/min with viscous chemicals (240cps)
  • Excellent flow rate consistency, even with thicker chemicals
  • Completely self-priming – With the press of a button, the large membrane will generate a strong suction to draw in chemical, and the smart system of asymmetric umbrella valves will create a seal that maintains a head of pressure in the inlet tube and chamber.  Our units present good dry-running characteristics, which means that the membrane has  good resistance to wear during the priming time or should chemicals run out.
  • Limited maintenance – no pump tube changes saves cost
  • Chemical resistance – Specific choice of materials to allow the use of the most aggressive chemicals, including a derivative of PTFE for the membrane and umbrella valves in extreme Viton

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