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Quantura 200S

Providing the same features and specification as our Quantura 200 System, the Quantura 200S dosing system is for customers who use a solid powder fed system.

Product Information

Power Supply 100 V - 240V AC
Signals 24V to 240V (AC or DC), opto-isolated
Flowrate Detergent: n/a
Rinse aid: 1.5ml/min to 30ml/min
Sanitiser: 6ml/min to 160ml/min
Motor Brushless 24V DC
Dosing 2 - 3 products
Settings Probe Mode, Probeless Hood Mode, Probeless Tunnel Mode

Quantura 200S is suitable for dosing two products into a wide range of commercial dishwashers including conveyor/flight, hood and door type dishwashing machines.

In place of the peristaltic detergent pump, the Quantura 200S has an electrically operated solenoid valve that works in conjunction with a powder bowl system. The integrated second peristaltic pump ensures the accurate and consistent dosing of rinse aid.


• Easy installation and set-up
• One system for Probe Mode, Probeless Hood Mode, Probeless Tunnel Mode
• High-quality brushless DC motors
• Pump status lights and on/off indication light
• Super low flow rates
• Full text LCD in nine different languages
• Secure Access Code Option

• Professional, modern design
• Modular design allows an easy conversion from a two to a three pump system

• High-efficiency brushless DC motors
• Special Pulsing Technology to achieve super low flow rates
• One single quick release cover to provide access to pump heads
• Water resistant, durable polypropylene enclosure
• High performance polymers offering durability, impact resistance and safety
• Optional conductive probe attachment

• Easy-to-use, intuitive programming
• Micro-processor controlled dosing
• Pump status lights to show operational states such as pump running and maintenance requirements
• Easy-to-read, full text, modern LCD
• Access codes for security
• De-lime capability

• Easy-to-clean, hygienic, robust front cover with water-tight, durable rubber buttons
• Pre-wired to speed up installation time
• Wall bracket mounting with integrated spirit level
• Detailed manual and drilling template


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