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Preparing your business for opening after lockdown

Few of us could have imagined that we would be starting 2021 in the same way we began the spring of 2020.

Schools, restaurants, retailers, hotels, cinemas, gyms amongst others have faced temporary closures yet again and many of our customers that serve these facilities say the same thing, “We are taking the time now to prepare, so that we are ready when businesses and facilities are opening up again”.

In addition to this, with increased chemical usage in those areas that have remained essential, such as hospitals and supermarkets, now more than ever before, it has become crucial to maintain all dispensing equipment.

Dispensing equipment in use now and equipment that has been sitting dormant during lockdown needs to be maintained regularly for optimal operation.

With this in mind, we have put together the below checklist to assist our customer in recognising those areas that require particular attention when opening up facilities again.

  • Chemical Concentrate Dosing Systems – Check that filters have been cleaned to prevent obstructions and prevent foreign particles from entering the chemical inlet tube and ensure that the correct dilution is being used.

  • Laundry Dosing Systems – Peristaltic tubes require changing every 6-9 months but if they have been left dormant then the tube has remained in a compressed position for far too long which compromises the finished results. A simple tube change will avoid unnecessary and costly down time once facilities return to operation.

  • Dishwash Dosing Systems – The catering industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. When the sector is given the go ahead, they need to be 100% operational and once again ensuring that peristaltic tubes are changed and that filters are cleaned will mean that go means go and not amber. Watch our video on how to change peristaltic tubes on our Quantura 10 pump:

  • Hand Care – A soap dispenser is like a tube of toothpaste. If you leave the lid off and leave it unused, the toothpaste will crystallise and it will clog. Bulk fill soap dispensers are not airtight but a simple act of TLC on the pump is all that’s needed to get these hard wearing products up and running again.

None of us have a crystal ball or the gift of hindsight, but we all have the ability to prepare for the time business are allowed to open again. Now is not the time to be reactive after the fact, it is the time to be proactive so that when businesses are allowed to open again they are off the starting blocks with all the tools they need to get their business back on track.

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